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Tasgaon is a municipal council and city located in the Tasgaon Taluka of Sangli district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is also the headquarters of the taluka and is a part of the Paschim Maharashtra region. According to the legend, it is believed that Tasgaon was given to Parshuram Bhau Patwardhan in 1774 as Jahagir by Narayan Ballal Peshava. It was during the British era, Tasgaon was lapsed under the rule of Shrimant Ganapatrao Patwardhan.

Located 23 kilometers from Sangli and 336 kilometers from Mumbai, Tasgaon Taluka is bounded by Palus from the west, Sangli from the south and Khanapur from the north. Situated at an altitude of 1870 feet, Manerajuri is the largest village, while Dhondewadi is the smallest village over here. According to India Census 2011, Tasgaon Taluka had an urban population of 37,945 and a rural population of 2,13,456. The average literacy rate over here is 74%, which is higher than the national average of 59.5%. While male literacy is at 80%, female literacy is at just 68%.

Tourist Attractions in Tasgaon

Tasgaon is known for its production of grapes, which is as twice as much in Nashik. It has some of the best quality grapes found in the country, with the size of some grapes as big as 3.5 inches each. Tasgaon mainly exports its grapes to major Asian countries like Singapore, UAE, Hong Kong, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. There are several grape vineyards over here that one can visit.

Ganpati Temple

Tasgaon is also known its ancient Ganpati Temple, which is believed to be more than 225 years old. The unique feature about this temple is that while most of the Ganpati idols have a left-sided trunk, the idol over here has a trunk that bends towards the right. n

Tasgaon Maharashtra

Made with solid gold and weighing 125 kilograms, it believed that the Ganpati idol over here possesses powers to bless the devotees with wisdom, good luck, happiness and prosperity. The temple was built by Parasuram Bhau Patwardhan, who was the emperor of Tasgaon Sansthan. During his battles with Tipu Sultan from South India, he got very fascinated with the South Indian culture, especially their temples, that he ordered to construct one in Tasgaon. The construction of this temple commenced during 1779 and finished in 1799 by Parasuram’s son – Appa Patwardhan.

The architecture of this temple resembles the architecture of the temples in South India. The temple houses a chamber and hall, both made out of plain but intricately carved stones. The chambers have a 10.36 meter spire, which is bounded by several smaller spires of 2.43 meters each. The hall or the Mandapa has a flat roof and a nave with two rows of pillars. Two Nandi bulls and a man-eagle guard the entrance of the hall.

At the entry of the temple, one can find a huge masonry arch that is surmounted by a tower known as the Gopura, which is carved with pictures of various gods and goddesses. The temple is known for its grand celebration that takes place on the next day of Bhadrapat Chaturthi. Thousands of devotees from all over the country gather for this auspicious occasion. The idol of Ganpati stays in the temple for one and half day, after which a procession starts for the immersion of the idol in the water. A 30 feet wooden chariot, called Ratha, is carried by the devotees to the stream where they finally immerse the idol.

Climate of Tasgaon

Summers are usually very hot in Tasgaon with temperatures ranging between 33 degree Celsius and 41 degree Celsius. Weather starts improving as monsoon starts approaching. Tasgaon receives an average rainfall of 450 mm from the Southwest Monsoon every year. Winter season starts from November till February with the temperature ranging between 22 degree Celsius and 26 degree Celsius.

How to Reach Tasgaon

The nearest railway stations to Tasgaon are in Sangli (24 kilometers), Kirloskarvadi (24.2 Kilometers), Bhilawadi (24.9 Kilometers) and Karad (61.6 Kilometers). Sangli and Vita are the nearby towns that provide great road connectivity to Tasgaon. The nearest international airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, which is located 365 kilometers from Tasgaon.

Facts and Figures about Tasgaon

District Name: Sangli district
District Headquarters: Sangli
State: Maharashtra
Coordinates: 17.03°N  74.6°E
Language: Marathi
Population of Tasgaon: 37,945 urban and 2,13,456 rural
Literacy Rate: 74%
Pin: 416312
Telephone Code: 02346
Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
Average Rainfall: 450 mm per year
Nearest Airport: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai

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